Defending The Rights Of The Accused

If you or a loved one is facing criminal charges, it is important to act quickly. From the moment an arrest is made, the state immediately begins building its case against the accused. Being arrested can be scary and confusing, and getting through the legal process is complicated, chaotic and something you do not want to go through alone. That is why you should not hesitate to obtain strong legal representation that can help protect your best interests.

I am criminal defense lawyer Scott Zonder. With more than 30 years of experience practicing law, I have successfully defended thousands of criminal cases. After spending years as a prosecutor, my desire for justice brought me to the side of the people.

At the Law Offices of Scott Zonder, I represent individuals in Tucson and throughout the southern region of Arizona, providing personalized legal services to persons accused of a criminal offense. From charges of DUI and drug possession to armed burglary, assault and many other offenses, I will give your case the attention it needs.

Align Yourself With A Solid Defense

As a former prosecutor, I have firsthand knowledge of how the state operates. I understand the protocol, know the procedures and can anticipate strategies opposing counsel will use in court. My resources and trial experience allow me to assist clients in developing strong defenses that respect the needs of each individual case.

To build a solid defense you must understand the charges against you, along with every possible outcome. After exploring the complexities of your individual case and all potential opportunities for resolution, I will help you determine the most effective course of action. I approach every case with extreme care, providing support by keeping you well-informed, setting realistic expectations and acting as your guide through the entire legal process.