Have You Been Arrested On Drug Charges?

Drug laws in Arizona are very clear. If you are caught in possession of illegal drugs, commonly referred to as controlled dangerous substances (CDSs), you will likely face felony charges. That is why it is important to seek immediate help from an experienced attorney.

I, Scott Zonder, am a criminal defense attorney with more than 30 years of experience defending individuals accused of various drug crimes. I have a reputation for getting results and am committed to providing superior legal representation to fit your individual needs.

Do You Need An Attorney For A Marijuana Charge?

Even with the legalization of medical marijuana, recreational use, possession and cultivation of nonmedical marijuana are still very serious offenses. You do not want to fight these charges on your own as the consequences can be severe and life-changing.

Every case is unique and requires its own tailored strategy. No matter what type of drug was found in your possession, I will work diligently to ensure your rights remain protected and explore every option for resolution.

You Deserve A Strong Defense

If you or a loved one was charged with drug possession, schedule your consultation with me, an accomplished, compassionate lawyer, today. Contact the Law Offices of Scott Zonder online. Or call my Tucson office at 520-355-3817.